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Bella Lombardi

I got it a week ago, I got coronavirus four days ago when I began to take the pills is been four days and I’m fine 🙂 it usually takes me two weeks to get better fever and all, but these pills kept me alive no doubt in my mind it was the pills, yes I was still sick but only 3-4 days without high crazy fevers or a week of coughing. I had not tested if I’m positive or not I don’t care I’m ordering more if I’m still positive for thc I believe I won’t need to because these pills are real. Also every morning I go to the bathroom it does make you Go number 1 after you take the pills but is not a laxative type of pills feels more like fiber pills without the gassy bloating part. Is December 8 2022 and everyone still sick but me. Will order More Will Order again I love epic organic saved a trip to the doctors and all the medicine

Adrian Damian


Alec Zamorano
5 stars

I’ve used epic organic supplements many times and it has always come through for me. I’ve managed to pee clean every single time

Maggie Foster

Love it works great

Jessica Jauregui

Bought it for a friend after her 2nd day she was clean !!

Bailey Slucher

EpicOrganic 7 Day THC Detox - Fast-Acting Detoxifying Strength - Urinary Tract Cleanse, Bladder Function

Jalia West
5 stars

Works perfect

Works pretty well

I’m a daily user and have THC drug tests. I tested before I started this bottle and was positive as I should be. After the 7th day I was negative. I did have to wait a few urines for it to come up clearly positive on the 7th day so do not use your morning urine.

Ken stevens

I smoke every day and dab up like a mad man this is the stuff you need if you want a full detox one bottle is basically a 3 week detox and 2 bottles is a 6 week process. Also when you do this detox you don't feel like absolute crap, What i do recommend is to drink at lest 6-8 bottles of water and to go to a steam room it speeds it up, the more you sweat on this stuff the faster you will detox!!

5 Stars from me

christopher huskey
Great cleansers

Great stuff. Really does the trick and I felt a noticeable difference after a week of cleansing


Product Details

What it Does

• Provides total support for full-body cleansing process

• Liver, blood, digestive system cleanse

• Increases brain functionality

• Helps with metabolism efficiency

• Supports elimination of impurities from the body

Key Ingredients

• Organic Milk Thistle Extract helps bind impurities and eliminate them via normal digestive functions to detoxify the body

• Beet Root is very rich in Iron, Potassium & Vitamins C & B9. It improves blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increased exercise performance

• Organic Yellow Dock Root helps with inflamation of organs as well as guards from further toxins that your body might be exposed to

• Organic Agave Inulin provides potential intestinal health and blood sugar benefits

• Dandelion Extract helps with basic functions of your digestive track

• Ginger Root helps build a strong defensive system in your body cells

• Creatine boosts energy levels


How to Take?

• Take 6 capsules per day - for 10 days. Its best to take 2 capsules at a the time with each meal during the day

I have a hard time swallowing capsules. Can I crush them into my yogurt?

• Yes you can, be sure to take all contents of the capsules

What can I do to help my body detox faster?

• 10 cups of water a day are recoommended for women

• 15 cups of water a day are recommended for men

• Daily exercises increase metabolism and sweating, which helps with detoxing faster

Can I have it if I am pregnant?

• If you have any concerns about taking it during pregnancy, we suggest you consult your physician or doctor before taking it

Should I expect side effects?

• No. Our products strictly made from natural ingredients only including herbs. They are Vegan friendly as well

Are these products Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly?

Yes, they are!

This product and all of its ingredients, were never tested on animals at any stage during their production.

Our products also do not have any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

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  • "Absolutely worth it

    This product is worth the money.

    I took a drug test on day 5 and I was already clean of THC. Product does exactly what it says it does"

  • "WORKS I Passed!

    I took Detox for 10 Days and did the Drug Test after - that I bought from Epic Organic store as well.

    Literally 2 minutes after doing the test I have my results and I am CLEAN!

    Next day went and got the job I was applying for!"

  • "Does the Job Well

    I was a heavy smoker for a little over 10 years and needed to pass a drug screen pretty quickly after finishing this bottle I finally passed."

  • "Its Negative!

    Wow! I am so impreseed with this kit that I got!

    I basically just took the pills for 8 Days and did the test even tho I wasnt sure and next thing I know it WORKED!

    Thank you!"

  • "Make sure you drink lots of water

    Really good quality detox!

    Felt energized within two days of taking this!

    Just make sure you are actually drinking lots of water. It really makes a difference.

    Definitely will purchase again, when I need help with detoxing.

    Thank you Epic Organic!"

  • "Its a winner!

    Didn't expect it to clean me out, cuz I was a smoker for a while. But it surely did!

    I did the test and I couldn't believe that I am all clear and no more drugs!

    Thats just amazing, definetly recommend"

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Why Epic Organic Detox?

It's what's inside that really matters, which is why we formulate with clinically proven formulas with ingredients that are natural, clean and double-tested for potency and purity.

Made In The USA

All of our Detox Product ingredients are locally sourced and lab manufactured here in the USA, in the FDA Approved Facility.

Shipping & Handling

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